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Here are four helpful resources to learn more, help yourself, or help a loved one or friend. 74 percent of Americans know someone affected by domestic violence.And since you just read this article, now you definitely do too.These relationships require skills that young people — particularly those who witness domestic violence at home — often don’t have the opportunity to learn.Teens need to learn about positive communication and conflict management—as well as what healthy and unhealthy behaviors look like—in order to form successful relationships in adolescence and adulthood.Violence between dating partners represents a significant public health problem. Victims face the threat of injury and also an elevated risk of substance abuse, poor health, sexually risky behavior, pregnancy, and suicide.

This is called the intergenerational cycle of violence, and it has to end.She will learn that she is supposed to be sexually available to her boyfriend, and that his feelings are her responsibility.When young people learn that these things are acceptable, they risk entering abusive relationships.Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U. It can happen to couples who are married, living together or who are dating. The good news is, as in my case, sometimes talking to someone at a hotline like National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), where they know much more about the process abusers use -- the secrecy, control, manipulation, threats, isolation, and violence -- makes it much easier. You realize this is actually, sadly, very common -- and you aren't alone. You see that it will only get worse if nothing is done.Domestic violence affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. You get help with the process of safely leaving, taking legal action like getting a restraining order, and other things that are not knowledge anyone has until they need it.

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