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Whenever you have a problem, it is always a good idea to consider what you want first.

After all, how can something be a problem if it isn’t relevant to something you want?

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Additionally, I am male, so this will be from a male perspective (but it should be very applicable to women too since the underlying basis is about relationships in general).Ok, so I need some work in the metaphor department but my point is, your marriage is what you chose to make it, and if you’re not willing to go out with all the tools needed and do the work necessary to make it flourish then you should just officially and legally abandon it and be done with that.Image courtesy of Free Digital writer, editor, content producer.No contributing Team Writer is a marriage or relationships expert.Nothing written by any contributing Team Writer should be taken for professional advice.

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Now, of course, if you’re just angry about the way things are in your marriage and you’re finding it difficult to communicate with your wife, but it isn’t really that you hate her and it’s not that you think she’s a witch spelled with a B but just that she frustrates you by acting controlling and petulant and you don’t like the way she chooses to express herself, you can always try to get help from a third party to help you and your wife learn how to communicate better and build a better marriage. It’s just that usually we don’t want to bother to try because it’s not really all that easy. We find it easier to just hold on to our resentments and walk around hating each other and calling each other names.

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