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I'm on the above average side of players and I feel no one at bungie gives a damn about anything I feel about the crucible and as a 1000 hours club player that kinda sucks.

I love Destiny and they should want to keep me around but instead I feel like I'm told to go fuck myself. I have 1600 hours now, and i feel like with every bungie update I just feel more insulted.

It's kinda like a presidential election in the US.

You vote, but your voice gets lumped in with a bunch of other voices in your district that gets lumped into the electoral college for your state that gets lumped into the final count that elects the next candidate.

https:// Check Trending, its insane, I don't know how this happened but personally I think its hilarious.

All the top posts on trending currently are all about SBMM being replaced with CBMM. The lesser half gets to enjoy getting stomped and we all get to enjoy a loss. Bungie in general doesn't seem too bad, Derek's a twat.

Gaming every day for 12 hours (a stretch, I know) should cost you about a year.

Someone with more insight can add to this, I'm pretty sure this is just the basics of it. I hate it so much when people say "hurr I don't want CBMM because then I'll get stomped every single game!! 1" It's simple: mathematically speaking, it would be very difficult for a person of average skill to notice a difference.

If you assume skill level among players follows the general trend of a bell curve, it would roughly mean 15% are high skill, 15% are low skill, and 70% are just average.

Get API usage by application for time frame specified.

You can go as far back as 30 days ago, and can ask for up to a 48 hour window of time in a single request.

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