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A: This law covers registered professional nurses (RN) or licensed practical nurses (LPN) who: However, employers may NOT substitute on-call time for mandatory overtime.We consider on-call time as time spent working for purposes of determining whether a health care employer has required a nurse to work overtime.Japan has a universal health care system that mandates all residents have health insurance, either at work or through a local community-based insurer, but does not impose penalties on individuals for not having insurance.

and allows for-profit companies to compete for minimum coverage insurance plans, though there are also mutual insurers so use of a commercial for-profit insurer is not compulsory.

|top| Q: What can I do if I was required to work overtime but I do not believe my employer met the requirements of the law?

A: If you believe that your employer mandated overtime in violation of the law, you can file a Mandatory Overtime Complaint form.

|top| Q: Are health care employers required to post a notice relating to the mandatory overtime restrictions? Health care employers are required to make their Nurse Coverage Plan readily available to all nursing staff.

They must do this by: This applies unless the employer followed an acceptable Nurse Coverage Plan but failed to produce staffing to meet the particular patient care emergency. A: |top| Q: What if my employer asked me to waive my rights under this law?

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