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I guess this is the first step for a good friendship and i can really make your time watching me very worthwhile.

Let's fuck a goth girl, covered in tattoos, in her ass today, shall we?

In this dark and haunting thriller, Five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party.

Newly-arrived Allie Westbrook (Tammin Sursok) meets a pair of ex-pats, Michael and Marit, who perform on a provocative interactive website.

When I was in college, I went home with a female friend to attend some function as her "date".

One of her friends, who had not gone to college, was there and she was really Goth...

The dark menace beneath Michael's easy charm and the strange magnetism of the group's leader, Marit, drive Allie to the brink of madness.

In a city where foreigners come to re-invent themselves, Allie learns, too late, that nothing is what it seems.

We drove back to my "date's" house since that is where her Goth friend left her car. I'm a good listener, I like to make friends and I hope/guess I'm a good friend indeed.If you join my chatroom and you like what you see feel free to say hello... black everything, pale looking face, black lipstick, black finger nails, studded collar, etc... However, since they were friends, I made an effort to be nice. and she said you haven't made one snide comment to me about being Goth...At one point during the event, we were talking quietly and she said to me... you have treated me very nice and I thank you for that.

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