Cams shov

Up until this car, I would have said they’re a world apart, but I think Magnus is closing the gap quickly.

To the naked eye the cars may appear to be extremely similar on the surface, but what actually lies beneath the sheet metal is an entirely different story.

There’s an effortless flow to the car, one where an unassuming bystander might very well think that this is just a pristine example of a showroom stock vehicle.

When I first visited Magnus with Ben and Larry back in November the car was still a work-in-progress.

While the boys carried on about this, that and the other for Ben’s article, I mostly kept to myself and made mental notes about the way these cars are built.

The finished product is perhaps more beautiful than I ever imagined a car could be.

Regardless of whether or not you like Porsches, hell even if you’re not a petrol head at all, if this photo doesn’t get your heart pumping you’re simply not human.

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