Can you be friends before dating

As friends, you’ve already passed that test with flying colors.If you’re going to take the risk of changing how you interact interpersonally it needs to be for the right reasons.If you are going to date you have to treat your new partner as a girlfriend/boyfriend not just a friend.You should only date a friend if taking your relationship to the next level is a serious decision, and if you decide to do it you have to go all in—ask the person out on a real date—one where car doors are opened, flowers are purchased, the whole nine-yards.Or simply, maybe this person’s personality just doesn’t mesh well with yours.Whatever the case, why does it seem that after finally sleeping with someone we discover we can’t stand them? What are we seeing after sex that we didn’t see before having it?

Is the possibility of losing your friendship worth the possibility of finding love with this person? After all, isn’t that why we date – to connect like dots and legos? It starts off with that highly anticipated telephone conversation you’ve both been eagerly awaiting since you first met. But through it all, there is no denying the thrilling allure of being in the presence of someone you have yet to experience while eagerly searching for a romantic connection with him/her.Perhaps it’s his ascot and 3 sets of extra tight suits that rub you the wrong way.Or perhaps it’s the wife and three children he was hiding that eventually turns you off.

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