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The doctor of love would rather take the risk of getting beaten for a moment’s pleasure.

In the pictures and on this day, Val accepted bend over invitations from different women, among them singer Irene Ntale, and each time a bent over bum swerved in his direction, he assumed it was bent for his consumption.

He would hastily grab the offer with the zeal only sexually starved convicts can assemble.

The doctor apparently has no remedy for his bum weakness.

Not exactly surprising, considering Harry’s face goes a weird combination of surprised and confused when his ex’s name comes up.

Ironically, I ended up in an industry that requires the exact opposite. However, a month ago I finally decided to exercise more and joined a Bikram yoga class. Eve: I’m usually on the floor gasping for air like a goldfish out of water, but I’m hoping to stick with it and stay in better shape. P: Which other projects are you currently working on?

Eve: We’re hoping to have our travel show, Travel Diaries, back on air this year. My travel blog Travel Diaries Kenya, hit one million views within the first four months.

Pulse: How can such an amazing TV and radio host that you are be out of the limelight for so many months? My TV production company Moonbeam Productions produces a local sitcom called . It’s currently in its fourth season and we’re going back into production for another new season. I play the role of Varshita, the psycho and overly dramatic Indian model dating Donovan, who is played by Capital FM’s Maqbul.

Eve: Well, the show revolves around three households in a local estate focusing on the hilarious dynamics around house helps and their employers.

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  1. Communities exerted pressure on people to form pair-bonds in places such as Europe; in China, society "demanded people get married before having a sexual relationship" and many societies found that some formally recognized bond between a man and a woman was the best way of rearing and educating children as well as helping to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings regarding competition for mates.