Caroline wozniacki dating nadal

Awhile back--in one of the purged sports gossip threads--someone said Bill Parcells was gay. My former friend, who I haven't seen in many years, was a hot, natural blonde, twinkish, smooth, and well endowed.

The player is long retired but has spoken on sports TV during later years ; and I promised my friend then I would never mention his name in this context.

I hightailed my ass back to Baltimore the following weekend. I wasn't there for 5 minutes before we were naked and fucking each other within an inch of our lives.

He was totally smooth, nice dick, and loved fucking and getting fucked.

From reddit:[quote]A friend of mine worked with his dad. I will not disclose any details in respect to the family.

Some in his social circle-uptown Dallas-have taken cell pix of him, too. Normally he's more cautious about who has phones around him. Milan Lucic is a closeted dick, but that's still rough. Hope he gets through this.[quote]vancouverboy747 4 points 1 day ago I can confirm that what johal61 said is in fact true.

He had a "girflfriend" at that time too, but he admitted he was conflicted, wasn't sure if he was gay, blah, blah, blah.

We continued fucking that weekend and the next, and, then, like most things, it petered out. Brady also has a daughter, so he must play on both sides. I found Brady an interesting case because he had one big year where he was hitting home runs non stop. But Brady's defense was that he never used illegal PEDs, and the fact that he had only one huge year supported that - if he was using, he said, he would have been putting up huge numbers year after year.

He plays for the O's." Next day I left Baltimore to go back to grad school.

On Monday, Brady called me at home (got the number from my friend on Sunday and asked if I wanted to go out.

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We had gone to the Hippo and then went to Gampys when after it closed.

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