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They include my maternal grandfather, a former sharecropper and auto factory worker; my grandmother, a former domestic worker; my mother, who raised three kids while putting herself through medical school; my twin brother, a scientist who has been a constant companion and nurturer; Dana Canedy, the former senior editor without whose guidance and mentorship I simply wouldn’t be here; Janet Elder, the recently deceased deputy managing editor and the fiercest advocate anybody could hope for; Dean Baquet, our executive editor, who wears a million hats, including stealth mentor; and Greg Winter, the deputy international editor, a great journalistic mind who happens to be my husband.

So yes, this milestone feels great, especially because it’s a reflection of the collective brilliance and generosity of these people and countless others.

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At one point, I think we realized you can’t just report stories until end of day and publish them all around midnight.

In recent years, it has made significant strides in both areas.It was not part of the core news operation by any stretch. It was the first two letters of first name and first four of last name.What other technological transformations have you witnessed in the newsroom? People in the newsroom mostly communicated through this system called Atex. I was “modrak.” It was really easy to make mistakes and send your message to the wrong person!The world of black journalists, to which I myself belong, is small. We are planning a piece on a sport called pelota mixteca. The craziest thing is that the whole summer they kept telling us, “We do not hire interns,” especially copy-editing interns.Before I joined The Times in October, a black friend told me that when I arrived I should look Monica up and mention his name. It’s about this group of Oaxacans who have moved to Southern California — some of whom have been there for generations. We’re planning stories in Turkey, Sweden and one in Brazil. But I always loved hearing people’s stories and understanding their lives. Travel and thinking about travel allows me to pursue my passion for hearing people’s stories. It was a different newsroom then — copy editors were all much older than me, closer to my parents’ generation than mine. I came up with playful headlines that incorporated pop culture. They kept saying: “You have to have a lot of experience.

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