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After crossing old Joe, Scarcely are we able the Ohio river the two boys ran to estimate the value of soul to the top of the hill, and as stirring scenes upon a youthful they thought, to the top of the mind.

Can we not remember world, for stretched before them the occasion of the first mar- were the matchless prairies of tj Ted Christiai)? After many miles of man of strong faith, the man travel the party came to a dense who had a spirit so generous forest, and the road bed through that even as his body became this was made of spht logs, more bruised with the illegal placed with the flat side up, and pelting of stones, could cry out.

this sturdy family and God in his simplest and most in- their brave mother became tricate handiwork, he promised strong, in body and in spirit, himself and his Lord that he Through this micration of his would become a Christian, faniilj', from Kentucky to the Never for an instant did the awareness of this promise leave him though many years elapsed before he fulfilled this promise to his own satisfaction.

Soldier When only eighteen years of age, there came a thrill, u Ji- known to him before — the eter- nal, enticing, captivating call to arms!

He (Continued on Page Three) Canada's "Ocean Playground" attended school in her home term beginning January 30 came here from a three-year she was bom and spent her village, at a traditional one- THIRTEEN MINUTES AFTER MIDNIGHT Also, for convenience, the ex- ministry at First Christian Wj,l|.„« Fvn PPf Pfl ^ T^ ul ^f7^"^°" ^^^ '°°"': °'^^=J^°°l-°^^ f^t °f amination timetable appearing Church, Er\^•in. This W dl Kcr Ei ADetlc U peopled by about two thousand, learning. January 26 /Conlinuedon Page Four) ART OF PREPARING FOR EXAMS M, W, or F, Third Period 3d and 4th periods.

They made their "stood by consenting." Dare we home here in the great open say that this act had slight in- spacos in the prairies and many tluence on Paul, a dynamo of nights Joe would lay awake and early Christianity?This Frankford and then came^o the act was symbolic of the death, great Ohio River.This hquid burial, and resurrection of the band of Nature was a wonder to Man of Gahlee and the scene them, and they interpreted it in deeply impressed itsejf on the terms of their little creek at mind and heart of eleven year home, grown up.saddled their horese on Sunday Josephus and his brother walk- afternoon and rode three miles ed along behind their big old to the creek to witness the bap- wagon as they passed through tism of these three friends.Joe Lexington, then on through was among the spectators.

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So Josephus donned the uniform and for three years was engaged in war and its inevit- able horrors and misfortunes.

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