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Samantha called a taxi and fifteen minutes later, another glass of wine downed, we were heading to The Pit.

Once there, I said, having been there a couple times, years ago, "This used to be Cohen's Pub." "Yep, but the new name is a lot more logical," Samantha said, as Candace and I got out.

I again obeyed, knowing it was futile to argue with Samantha.

So I started to undress in front of my two best friends, when Candace repeated, "I am not sure she is ready for The Pit." "You weren't either until I took you there," Samantha said, ignoring Candace's concerns, an inside story between them that I was clearly not a part of. " I asked again, curious...especially with all the vague discussion between Samantha and Candace.

"It's a bar where you are guaranteed to get lucky," Samantha answered, her tone implying something more, "very, very, lucky." Candace continued, "Let's go to Cowboys." "Well, she could definitely get back on the horse there too," Samantha quipped. "You have me curious." "Done," Samantha announced and gave Candace a look like 'don't say anything else'.

"The game may have changed, but the end result is the same," Samantha explained. "But Donald left you only six months ago," Candace said, surprised by my revelation.

"Yep, I guess the writing was on the wall way before I caught him at work," I said, my mind flashing back to surprising Donald at work with dinner when he said he had to work late..learning that his definition of working late meant banging his secretary on his desk. "There is more to life then getting laid," I pointed out, having completely forgetten what actual sex felt like. Obviously your symptoms of withdrawal are making you disillusional," Samantha said, as if my dilemma was as tragic as third world poverty.

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