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Perspective models e-mailed their portfolios and resumes to an internet web page together with their contact details.

It was the agency who short listed the models and initiated first contact.

The contracts were swiftly cancelled as prestigious brands and fashion houses tossed her like a used rag doll, wanting to distance their immaculate brand names from her soiled public image.

It did not matter that the pictures were false, Rachel Greene was damaged goods and had lost her public appeal.

Monica herself confessed that she had accepted several well paid assignments and found the experience quite enjoyable.

Seeing her hesitation Monica had prompted that she accepts the agencys invitation for a phone interview.

She would speak with Madame Tussard, who basically ran Cleos.

And now she sat anxiously as she waited to receive the impending phone call.

In fact, the agency prided itself on its discreteness.Low on cash and desperate for an assignment, Monica referred her to a secluded modeling agency known simply as Cleos.She soon found out that the agency itself was a front and only maintained a surreal existence on the internet.He had taken no pains to hide his sexual fascination with her and she had to endure the endless hours of torment and torture during his photo shoots.But had managed always to tacitly evade his lewd advances.

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