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Adding sediment (beach nourishment) to make a beach wider causes waves to break early so that they have less power when they reach the cliffs.

Wooden or concrete barriers called groynes may also be constructed at right angles to the beach in order to block the movement of sand along the beach ( longshore drift).

Chalk and limestone coasts are often broken down by solution (also called corrosion).

Attrition is the process by which the eroded rock particles themselves are worn down, becoming smaller and more rounded.

The British coastline offers some of the best places in the country to visit - care must be taken on cliffs and on the shoreline - rocks and rock pools are often very slippy and in places it's very easy to get cut off by fast approaching tides.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the Coastguard patrol the coast but common sense should always be used.

Where resistant rocks form headlands, the sea erodes the coast in successive stages.

Places to visit The Coastline around the UK stretches for some 6,000 miles - a coast of contrasts as the scenery changes from Estuaries, Shingle beaches, Salt Marshes, Sand Dunes, Rugged Cliffs, Sandy Beaches and Rocky Shores to Industrial Harbours and Oil Refineries.

The Flat Green pastures of the Severn Estuary do not inspire the awe of the rocky Cornish coast or the majestic Scottish Islands or indeed the feelings of Englishness at seeing the White Cliffs of Dover but has much beauty nevertheless.

Many stretches of coastline are so severely affected by erosion that beaches are swept away, threatening the livelihood of seaside resorts, and buildings become unsafe.

To reduce erosion, several different forms of coastal protection may be employed.

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