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This helps them see the benefit of their sacrifice. When a child gets a scrape or a bump they, as with just about anyone in pain, are focused on themselves.

After ensuring that their booboo isn’t serious, and while cleaning them up or applying a salve, instead of immersing them in words of sympathy, acknowledge their pain, and help them unite it to Christ’s Cross.

There are two important churches in town that share the glory and importance of the event.

One is an Orthodox Church built over a well with a spring where according to local tradition the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary.

Today we will start in Bethany, one of the sites not too far from Jerusalem that Lord loved to visit because His friends Mary, Martha, and their brother Lazarus lived there.

Here we will visit the Tomb of Lazarus and the Russian Ecclesiastical School for Palestinian girls.

Our first stop will be at the “Tomb of the Prophets” an interesting underground catacomb like structure, known as one of the earliest places for the Christian worship in the Jerusalem area.

Feeling that they are not suffering alone, that Christ is with them, can give them strength to suffer with bravery.

Jump on your own crosses, even if they’re miniscule.

Sabba the Sanctified and Venerable Theodosios the Cenobiarch. Sabba is open for males only, so we have to advise our female pilgrims that they will only be able to observe the monastery from a “bird’s eye view” – from an observation deck in an ancient defense tower nearby.

After lunch, we will travel to Hebron, to visit Machpelah, or the cave of the Patriarchs.

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