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Here are some books John and I have exchanged along the way, or ones we recommend: – Still in our friendship stage, I remember getting a “care package” from John one day after a particularly crazy week. Here’s a list of some of our favorite movies and snacks to give this holiday season: I love the idea of a handwritten note or card. With the rise of digital technology, when is the last time took some time to write out a note to someone by hand?Since we were developing a friendship long-distance, it wasn’t strange to get a card in the mail or a text. Inside, were some of my favorite snacks and my favorite childhood movie. This can be such a thoughtful way to interact with someone, by writing down a list of things you appreciate about them, reflections from the past year, some encouraging bible verses, or your favorite song lyrics.

When John and I met 12 years ago, we started out as friends.Looking back, some of the most significant gifts I’ve given/received have been quality time focused, and they’re still top on my list!Here are some examples: Electronics: Technology is so huge right now, and techy gifts are always a hit. Homemade Items: I think clothing is such a personal thing because you really have to know someone well to know their size/taste in clothing!But if you’re somewhere in the middle and have been dating for around 3 months -12 months, here are some suggestions to help get you thinking: Truth be told, John and I spent a lot of time playing games in our dating days.They are a great way to spend time together, get to know each other, and have fun in a light-hearted environment.

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We were long distance, so one night a week we’d have a “game night” date where we’d play a game over the phone…we had to get creative!

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