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"Danny had sought help at a nearby address, but he was cornered and shown no pity."Danny was repeatedly stabbed as he lay collapsed on the steps of a stranger's house.This was one of many accomplishments by We Ho Aquatics, don't miss the doc #Light In The Water TONIGHT at 8/7c on Logo! Z4H6G6Whg 🌈Where and when was your first #Pride?"We thought you were going to [break a world record], but we didn't want to say anything and make you nervous." Breaking records!#TBT to @Gay Games Vancouver in 1990 when a world record was broken by Michael Mialiffe in the 100 meter butterfly.

“The person on the right had a firearm and the one on the left had a knife. A quick-thinking passer-by had noted down part of the moped's licence plate and it was linked to a string of similar robberies in the area.#Light In The Water #Logo Docs "This separates us from a regular swim meet" 🏊✨👠 The costume event of the @Gay Games "Pink Flamingos" was born! NWTQatcx H Surprise, you just broke a world record!👏 And we LIVED for women taking part in drag as well. #Light In The Water #Logo Docs XMWGOr 🌈🏊This documentary looks at the beginnings of the West Hollywood Aquatics club, the @Gay Games, and more! 🏅🏊 History was made at @Gay Games​ Vancouver in 1990 by Mike Mialiffe in the 100 meter butterfly.The model was a Silver Rolex Datejust 2 2017, worth around £5,000. The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Preview Party took place last night at Burlington House, London, with Kristin Scott Thomas, Lady Amelia Windsor and Laura Bailey (pictured, wearing a Christopher Kane dress comprising different coloured flowers, a Shrimps bag and Chloe Gosselin platform shoes) among those in attendance.

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"It is sickening that such prolonged, lethal violence against a defenceless man, with a family, was done only for a wristwatch.

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