Christy quirk dating

bapt];wife (als decd) isabel - petn by elinor that parents granted half goods in 1777 to paul quine in mc for dau margt [marr but ?

no ch],in 1781 john kissack h/o ann corkan came to live among them 1787 A 45 QUIRK Philip [full];made ;slewholan;dau cath,elizth bridson (w/o john ballachrink Malew),margt;son john (eldest),philip (if he comes),thos (houses in Peel that belonged to wm quayle porter) [bapt];wife isabel als quilliam;john kewley h/o cath ;john corran,tanner douglas h/o jane ; contested will - court case;silvester mylchreest h/o margt 1787 A 46 HALSAL William [full] made ;son wm (eldest),thos;dau elinor,margt,cath [?

mar 1759;sis margt exex; names many - margt callin, john callin, isable kermod w/o John Callin [m Pat 17370531],ellnr d/o john cowill,wm callin,john kermod [?

d/o Finlo Kermod - younger sis margt] 1759-2 A 57 KILLEY Henry d ;ch john,james ann,henry exor;wife ann 1759-2 A 58 RADCLIFFE Ellinor Mc YLCHREEST [full];jt will Henry and Ellinor Radcliffe of Gordan;sons Henry, Thomas, Charles;dau Marjery Quirk als Radcliffe, Cathrin, Margret, Ann radcliffe, MI age 54, anne w/o Charles Shimmin Ballaboey bur 1780 1759-2 A 59 QUIRK Patrick d ; Knock Echistey;dau Mary Clucas als Quirk;gson Thomas Quirk;son John;(?

;sibs john,matthew(abroad) richd jt admrs 1765-1 A 16 CLUCAS Catherine QUILLIAM [full] 1765-1 A 17 QUIRK John d ;son john(not 21),wm;dau anne;wife ann als quilliam;wife had posthumous child uncles wm thos quirk 1765-2 A 67 TAGGERT Catherine [full];w/o Robert;sons John, Robt;dau Margret;witt Joney Hutchin als Mc Leece.1765 Matthias Cannell husb of Margret 1765-2 A 68 KEY Margaret d ;w/o patrick (exec);dau jane,margt,cath 1765-2 A 69 COTTIER John d ;glenrushen;ch john( 3 ch),margt cubbon,cath,cooney Gell (exex - her mo dead) 1765-2 E w ? cowell Elizabeth KILEY w/o john;bro's son james killey;cath christian her sis's dau;her sis daus eleanor & mary joney christian sis dau eliz execx; john christian husb of eliz 1765-2 E w QUINE Ann LOWEY d 25 dec ;no rel appeared; principal creditor matths quine 1765-2 E w QUIRK Ann bro john quirk;3 bros thos philip wm;sis christian;mo elinor quirk als callister; mentions flax;;henry quirk husb of elinor 1765-2 E d QUIRK Margaret CLUCAS 5 ch christian, john margt richd ellinr;4 latter ua; husb wm; house in peel mortgaged to john ceasar of malew has to be sold 1765-2 E d RADCLIFFE Catherine RADCLIFFE gson robt christian (as yet no issue);maid servant majery christian;only dau ellinr cosnahan (w/o rev joseph);1775 margery christian acks from mrs ellinor oates als radcliffe 1765-3 E w KEOWIN Thomas eldest son john;other unamed ch; uncle john keown;wife margt 1765-3 E d KNICKAL William 4 ch margt cath ann patr eldest john already having dowry; 1765-3 E w QUIRK Isabel bros wm thos;bro wm's dau anne;bro john's dau;mo anne quirk; sis anne gell als quirk 1766-1 E d GELL John s/o nichs gell & ann gell als clague mo died 1757;perished by water in river in minory 4 aug last;aunts isabel margt alice; john kennaugh h/o isabel, thos callister h/o alice 1766-2 A 58 CORRIN Philip [full]d ; Knockaloe beg;son patrick (money from Charles Wattleworth's exors),son james, Wm;bro Daniel;gson John Corrin;wife Jane;son Robt (exec) 1766-2 A 59 MOORE Catherine CLUCAS d ;husb edward exor;dau cath,margt boddagh,elinor,anne;son thos,john;1788 ann dawson als moore acks from cooney moore widow,thos moore ballacallin also acks 1766-2 A 60 KEY Mary ???? m Pat 17610530];1780 margt cain dau acks from jane kelly als caine her mother;inv 1767-2 A 40 QUAY John d 20?

widow of Balla Chroink, Patrick, died : granddau Margt Moore; dau Ellinor Moore; dau Margret Key [John Moore md Ellin Key Patrick] 1767-1 A 10 CLUCAS Ellinor dated ;husb john;ch wm (intack adj mountain called Coan Jougog another magher noa his ch), elinor(w/o john crellin) ann(ann quirk in decree petn - ch by prev marr to wm quirk) jt exexs;sibs Ann, wm, henry, philip isabela 1767-1 A 11 COSNAHAN Catherine [full];d ;w/o thomas;daus cath cannell (of Peel),joney tear w/o john tear(execx) 1767-1 E d c AINE Patrick d 22 jan;4 ch thos wm by 1st wife [? apr 1767;ch thos(eldest son),john,robt,wm joney (all ua ?

3599]; 1779-1 E d GELL John petn by jon gell,wm gell,jane gell adam caine h/o isable gill ch of john 1779-1 E w QUAYLE Thomas sons thomas, john henry wm;houses in glen maye;wife margt als quirk; [cannot find marr or bapts] 1779-1 E w STEPHEN Robert 2 ch john jane;john out of isle;pledges john sayle of dalby mountain wm duggan stepfather of jane [widow Mary Calcot m Pat 17790522] 1779-1 E w TAGGART Robert dawby;only dau margt cannel husb matthew;d of gift;other sons john robt;mathew cannel decd [m 17 no ch from marriage] margt married to philip quilliam [fam 3502]; 1779-2 E w CALLISTER Margaret taylor of kk german;son john quirk;dau elizabeth quirk als quirk (execx) w/o richard quirk;pledges gilbert cain kk german, john quirk booivane kk patrick; 1779-2 E w MADDRELL Margaret moore d ;w/o john;son john;mother ellinor moore;sis cath moore;witt Anne Knickle, Margret Cubbon;fa john moore; 1779-2 E w MOORE John ballacallin;made being day he left his fa's house to go of from this isle - sometime since deceased supermarine;sis cath margt,eliz;bro edward, thomas (his son edward),fa edward (herring nets etc);mo cooney moore;sis anne execx;cousin john gell;witt john knicle, ellinor kelly 1779-2 E d QUANE Esther Key d ;only ch charles (ua);husb thomas;pledges john corris gilbert key (fa of esther);1798 charles acks 33;inv [full] 1779-2 E w QUILLIAM Margaret mylechreest d ;dau ellinor,anne;son philip,henry,james (if he came for same);gch cath quayle;gson john quayle;husb william(exec) 'if he would go out of her name (?

remarry) to give her sd 3 ch viz the sd ellinor anne philip 20 equally between them';will written 23 aug; 1779-2 E w QUIRK Elizabeth cottier dated ;son john (eldest),richard;dau-i-law elizabeth quirk;gson john quirk;gdau margt quirk;gdau mary margt quirk (d/o John) margt quirk (d/o Richard);son Matthew ('that guinea on her part that was paid for redeeming his clothes');husb john (exec);witt William corris x, William Quine;john quirk dead by probate 1779-2 E w QUIRK John d ;son richd (loom gears);son matthew;gsons matthw wm quirk (c/o richard);son john (exec) 1780 A 41 KNEALE Esther made ;spinster;mo elinor;sis isabel skinner(exex);sis-i-law jane kneale;sis 2 sons radcliffe hugh patk skinner;hugh skinner h/o isabel 1780 A 42 CHRISTIAN John d ;wife lucy;son john(eldest) exor;other ch mathew,hugh,tho,esther some ua; 1780 A 43 QUILLIAM John d ;son john(eldest - land qtr intack),wm,henry,philip;gson patk quilliam;dau ann quilliam exex 1780-1 E d CLUCAS William d ;kionshleau moar;6 ch Richard, John, Thomas, Ann, Isabel, and Ellinor Clucas Wm, Ann, and Catharine Cowle ch of decd dau cath w/o thos cowle;patrick kelly h/o ann,wm quirk h/o isabel, wm clucas h/o elinor 1780-1 E w QUILLIAM William d ;son henry (eldest),philip,james;dau ellinor exex 1780-2 E 508 jw CORRIS Ann killey thomas ann;son thos (eldest) ;other ch patk, esther;1785 john quilliam h/o esther 1780-2 E 510 d HUTCHIN John d ;bach;fa thomas;pledges john quirk boarane john quirk treiljey 1781 A 20 MYLCHREEST Joney bell d ;husb john;son robt;daus ellinor,cath exexs 1781 A 21 KARRAN Patrick made ;creg-lhea but now resident peel;son thos (heir - land purch from capt thos radcliffe, slew dalby);dau ellinor;child on wife's bearing;sibs wm,thos ann key,margt watterson;wants henry corlett tenant thos waterson guardians;wife elinor exex;codicil son patk was child - revokes bequests to sibs 1781 A 22 KNEALE Ellinor key made ;widow;dau esther;son thos;son-i-law hugh skinner exec; 1781 A 23 LEECE Jane kermode dau joney hutchson;son thos ( his 3 dau);dau mary quirk als leece;husb wm;wm quirk h/o mary;thos hutchen,wm cain isabel leece ack; 1781 A 24 ag GELL Nicholas wife isable als kennaugh;sons thos john;eldest son nicolas his dau alice;dau cath moore als gell;dau isable callister als gell;son james 1781-1 E d CLARK Silvester d ;ch thos (blind) ,henry,john margt 3latter ua;uncles (fa side)) john thos clark, thos john kermod uncles by mo;inv 1781-1 E w CUBBON Robert d ;son wm (herring nets etc;dau margt;,cath,janeson-i-law thos caine (1/8 boat);names ann knickle maid servant others;wife joney als gawn 1781-1 E d MOORE Margaret [cottier] d ;formerly of kk german;4 ch edwd, philip,elizth jane all ua;husb thomas;gfas philip cottier edward moore;inv 1781-1 E d QUINE John bach died 1765 in hm service;bro wm only surviving n of k;petn by wm quine foxdale states bro served time on eaten ? of liverpool but was impressed and perished with 39 other mariners in some part of the downs 1781-2 E d CHRISTIAN Thomas d at sea abt 10 or 12 yrs ago;sis isabel elizth;thos waterson h/o isabel;wm killey h/o elizth 1781-2 E w CORLETT Margaret caine d ;w/o john exec;sis ellinor corris ( her 2 sons dau);mo joney caine;names joney shimin,thos corkan's pooer dau,saml keigg,philip corris's wife 1781-2 E w QUILLIAM Margery knickle widow ballna caarkey;made ;dau joney;son robt,wm,patk,john,radcliffe exec 1781-2 E w QUILLIAM Phillip d ;son wm;dau anne exex 1782 A 31 CLAGUE Margaret d ;spinster;names ellinor,isabel,james,thos kenniagh;sibs 'young cowle alice'john kenniagh wife isabel execs 1782 A 32 CLARK Marriod bridson dated ;dg to son-i-law thos clark(h/o ellinor);'sricken with age lingering disease';widow john(his exex) 1782 A 33 CLARK John jw john mariod(died before probate);names dau of margt w/o john sennet c'town;dau cath(w/o thomas welch andreas);son-i-law thos clark(h/o ellinor);wife exex 1782 A 34 KILLEY Ellinor cannell made ;son charles;dau cath,grace,alice,jane madderel als killey(exex w/o john);1783 cath wm quayle ack,gace john graham ack 1782-1 E d Ca LLIN John Callin not crellin ?

Robert Radcliffe;son Thomas 1761-1 A 49 WATERSON Henry d ;dau margt;wife christian waterson als holdin 1761-1 E d CORLET Mary QUAYLE d ;son patrick exec; son wm survived 22 days 1761-1 E d CORLET William d 24 dec; only bro patrick; widow sworn; 1761-1 E d QUAY Thomas d ;2 dau ellinor & ann;son john had a dowry;one pledge is john quay of arbory; 1761-3 E w fargher John d ;ch john,richd,jony,elizth,ann,thos exor;gson thos fargher;1764 Wm christian h/o elizth,ann lately dead 1761-3 E w QUOERK Margaret CLARK d ;husb nicholas exor;ch paul,ann(ua) - no relns on mo's side appeared;1774: ann acks from fa nicholas 1762 E w QUIRK Isabel CREBBIN d 28 Dec;w/o Nicholas;ch Wm John , Thomas, Catharine;sis Margret;s-i-l Ann Cain & Alice Karran; Thomas ua & no relns on mother's side; 1762-1 E w KNICKAL Robert 2 dau jane eliz;;wife's dau isabel quane;son john;wife jony;uncle of ua ch william knickal; 1766 bessy knickal choose john crellin kk mic as guardian (note that bessy dau to ro bapt ); 1766 rcvd sacrament in kk mic thus no obj to marriage with jo kaighen 1762-2 A 52 CAINE Paul 4 ch of bro thos (there being no issue) - thos,wm john, paul;only surv thos & wm;wife jane cain als kelly acks thos cain of renshant kk malew 1762-2 A 53 dg GELL Alice to bro thos gell ballelby dated 1738;henry gell dance sworn 1762-2 A 54 QUINE Joney d ;bro wm quine;bro's son wm;bro's dau christian;thos quine's son wm;anne quine blind;;thos corkan's dau margt;;bro's dau alice quine exectx 1762-2 E w CALLIN William glanrushin;d ;3 ch wm anne margt;son john gets houses ;youngest dau 10 yrs to arrive at la during which wife eliz keeps it;1770 anne margt at la ack from stepfa nichs quirk; 1771 anne chooses patr sayle uncle as guardian;1774 wm margt callin radcliffe quilliam h/o anne ack fro John eldest son 1762-2 E w QUAYLE William d ;named syl clark;fa john quayle;bro thos hutchin part of houses at Dorlish Ard kk pat; 1762-2 E w QUIRK Isabel CREBBIN d 28 Dec;w/o Nicholas;ch Wm John , Thomas, Catharine;sis Margret;s-i-l Ann Cain & Alice Karran; Thomas ua & no relns on mother's side;[full] 1763-1 A 20 quirk isabel crebbin d ;w/o nicholas;son wm;other ch john, thos, cath;sis margt crebbin;s-i-l margt cowley;s-i-l anne caine;s-i-l alice karran; 1763-1 A 21 QUIRK Thomas,jnr reaby-beg;cast away & perished on coast of ireland ;bro patrick;bro john, sis isabel elinor;elinor ua 1763-1 E d GELL John perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan;4 children john thos wm henry all ua supv henry gell, john killy, wm quilliam, ellr gell;widow cooney gell;inv inc 1/4 yawl or small boat sold in ireland 1763-1 E d KNEAL John perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan; 3 children isabel esther & thos kneal; all of lawful age 1763-1 E d RADCLIFFE Henry perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan; native of kk malew but inhabitant kk pat; 2 children margt thos ua supv robt radcliffe; inv 'of glen moii; inv includes loom 1763-1 E w RADCLIFFE Henry, jnr younger of gourdon perished by sea of coast of ireland 13 jan 63;sibs thos chas marjery margt ann; ann under age thos abroad in hm service ;fa henry - inv sale debts inc geo moore et al 1763-1 E d SHIMIN Patrick perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan;6 children simon alice john wm & hugh b former wife, ann by latter simon & alice of lawful age but unable to procure lawful pledges - wm quirk of treljey uncle by mothers side ; widow isabel; by 1774 simon dead; inv inc herring nets als in acct herring custom 1763-2 A 57 dg QUILLIAM Philip philip & alice quilliam land qtr caddoil 2/- rent; dg 1752 to nephew henry quilliam;henry's bro philip;hens son john if should come 1763-2 E d AUSTEN William Gardener at Ballamoar (from Scotland) - inv accts of some smuggling into Scotland 1763-2 E d KNICk AL Isabel QUANE no issue with wm knickal sibs thos, jane & ann quane (w/o henry kneale) (no marr found) 1763-3 E d CUBBON Thomas d ;ch john,margt Alice jt admrs - john at age supv;wife alive; inv balladda 1764-1 A 8 CHRISTIAN William d ;s/o wm caarn eghrei;sis mary alice exexs 1764-2 A 47 CHRISTIAN Margret CLAGUE d ;w/o wm ;caarn eghreie;dau mary,alice,joney,joney,ellinor;son philip;gdau esther key;daus mary alice exexs;gilbt key h/o joney 1764-2 E w CALLISTER Elizabeth d ;son thos cretney;sis margt callin als callister;sis isabel callister 1764-2 E w MADDRELL John d ;son john, dau cath 1764-3 E w CORLET Elizabeth SHIMIN d ;2 unnamed ch;bro john;husb patk exor;objections by ch uncle aunt phil margt shimin - patk to pay 3 ea to ch when they reach age - relns sworn supvs 1764-3 E d FARGHER Ann d ;spinster;sibs thos,john,richd,joney elizth(w/o wm christian) 1764-3 E w QUILLIAM John d ;dau isable exex;wife alive 1764-3 E d QUIRK Thomas perished by sea some time ago near Jamaica - mariner on board hm ship the Troy ?strange phrasing was he not their father] 1754-1 E d COWLEY William d ;orphan due goods by mo Bahee - only sis elizth cowley (ua) ;fa alive 1754-2 A 44 kerr OON William d 1752;dau mary,ann;his cow to be sold to discharge funeral costs; 1755-2 A 42 COWIN Jane CAIN d ;son james(houses etc but after death of husb);dau Anne, Jony, Isable, Alice;unnamed gchild;husb thomas exor;witt John Moore x, Thos Cowile x;1763: Wm Skealy,boatman Peel, h/o Ann acks from Thomas 1754-2 E d CRELLIN John d dec 1753 ( buried Isle of Scilly) late a mariner out of liverpool;sibs thos, ann alice(abroad);pledge John Kaighin snr scarisdale wm cannell churchtown; 1754-2 E w QUILLIAM Paul dated ;ch henry(sheep on kerroodoo fostyll),anne(w/o john quirk),patk,philip,marjory,mary exex;wife joney;names john s/o phil quirk sleauwhallin;list of debtors;some ch ua Henry john quirk supvs; 1754-3 E w KILLEY Robert d ;glenmoy;ch alice, caesar, john (they had mo's goods),wm(eldest son);wife exex;court notes 4 youngest ch unprovided for - alice(xd thru), charles,jane grace [possibly a name lost from margin] - wm, thos,john caesar killey uncles by father supv;inv costs 1754-3 E w QUINE Jane QUAY d ;dau ann;niece margt halsall;only son thos exor; 1755-3 E d COSNAHAN William d ;capt wm C.;only ch ann - ua uncle john cosnahan supv;wife alive 1755-3 E w COWLEY Thomas d ;wife exex;witt pledges sill radcliffe james cain 1755-3 E d QUANE Henry d ;only dau isab admx - ua uncles aunts Thos,alice(w/o patr shimin) christian quane(w/o wm quirk);wife alive 1755-3 E d QUIRK Richard d apr 1754, on coast of guinea;mariner on board Prince Eugene Liverpool(thos kewley cmnd);sibs john,wm,jane(w/o edwd corrin) joney 1756-1 A 11 KERMOD Alice hutchin d ;widow now resident ballacallin;son john,gilbt;dau margt,isabel,joney 1756-1 A 12 QUAYLE Catherine clucas neice cath clucas;husb thomas exor(houses etc in glanmoij) 1756-1 A 13 KEY Philip d ;ballachrink;wife alive;wife's bro john garret;uncles pat key Jon Kneal; lands of dauby mountain to heir;cousin john kneal;child margery ua supv Wm Garret (?fa-i-law) Wm Watterson; pledges john kneal gilbert key;1778 magery at la friend Wm quine Patrick Quilliam step-fa;inv 1756-2 A 29 SHIMIN mary d ;cousin ann cosnahan als shimin exex 1756-2 A 30 CAIN William d ;dau jane;son Patrick ( his 2 children) exor 1756-2 A 31 QUIRK Thomas dated ;kerroodoo;son john(lands what was due by death of his uncles money he lent them to pay for new intack,boat limestones);gdau cath;gson john quirk;dau jane,joney( what was left to her by her step mo) - daus jt exexs 1756-2 A 32 CHRISTIAN Catherine RADCLIFFE d ;w/o John;fa Henry Radcliffe 1756-2 E d KEWIN Margaret CLUCAS d ;dau alice(w/o wm kelly) cath(w/o wm clague); 1756-3 E w COWLEY Joney WATERSON d ;names isabel d/o wm bridson, john s/o thos cubon;sis margery;names margt ann kelly (w/o wm bridson);ann bridson als kelly margt scopphill [scofield] als quayle jt exexs 1756-3 E w GEYLL Alice d beg aug 1756;dau jane exex(w/o wm quilliam) 1757-1 A 12 Mc HOOD Ann CAIN [full]made ;bro james (ch cath moore,ann richd cain),thos;bro revd robt radcliffe [?charles more uncles;pledges Philip cowle gfa of ch Wm moore uncle;inv 1782-1 E d QUAYLE John bach;perished by sea 6 Nov; mo cath quayle 1782-1 E d QUAYLE William bach;perished by sea 6 Nov;mo Margt Quayle;2 bros john thomas 1782-1 E d QUILLIAM Radcliffe perished by sea 6 Nov; 3 ch john wm thomas;widow ann quiliam;uncles wm pat by fa side guardians;inv (perished at sea at the herring fishery) 1782-1 E d SANSBURRY Richard,jun perished by sea 6 Nov; 2 ch richd charles;widow ellinor;wm thos sansbury uncles;inv 1782-1 E d SANSBURRY Richard,snr perished by sea 6 Nov; 4 ch wm thos pat jane 1782-1 E d SHIMMIN William perished by sea 6 Nov; 4ch wm thos ann richd;all ua;widow christian;uncles john shimmin;inv 1782-2 E d CAIN Elizabeth KELLY complicated john cain m in 1759, had a child but marriage un happy;she went to ireland not heard off but seems married,bigamously, 1782-2 E w CASHIN William jw wm isabel;made ;dau anne;son wm 1782-2 E d COWLEY Thomas perished by sea abt ;ch henry,wm both ua;wife ellinor;pledge henry gell (bro of ellinor) also gaurdian;inv;expenses include coffin, carriage from the strand wke in Peel 1782-2 E d GELL Margaret clark d 26 june 1782;ch henry,ellinor ann all ua john tear uncle by mo side jt supv;husb thos ;inv;petn states d in childbed - thos a poor cottler 1782-2 E d GELL William d ;only ch sarah(w/o john sayle) 1782-2 E d QUAYLE Ellinor d ;husb patk exor 1782-2 E w QUILLIAM Henry d ;son john,thomas(if they came);dau eliz exex 1783 A 20 MARTIN Ann killey d ;husb henry regaby beg;parents wm elizth execs 1783 A 21 QUAYLE Enry d ;wife margt als quirk exex;dau amy 1783 A 22 KEY Patrick d ;dau margt bridson (new loom) (w/o wm),jane carran;son-i-law patrick carran;wife ellinor (2 armed chair);dau cath key execx 1783 A 23 CHRISTIAN Jane quay d ;dawby;ch jane,james,thos(eldest son),john;husb john exor 1783 A 24 CLUCAS Ellinor cowin d ;husb philip;dau cooney(hse),jane;son philip(ground to build a hse at south end of dwelling hse),cornelius;land 'the mountain';manservant patk waterson 1783-1 E w CAINE John dated ;ballacaine;dau margt,cath(intack dalby mountain rent three halfpence) exex;1787: wm kewley h/o cath acks also for legacy from her mo ann caine als karran 1783-1 E d EDMONDS Robert d ;no relns;prin creditor phil clucas;inv 1783-1 E w KERMOD Esther QUILLIAM d ;husb thos exor;ch john,jane ( other unnamed dau) 1783-1 E d QUILLIAM Henry late of pat bach died in liverpool 12 mar;sibs thomas,john,margt,anne ch of decd sis esther viz john jane margt;evan kinread h/o ann,christopher quay h/o margt;letter from margt quilliam liverpool describing hard times lack of money 1784 A 65 CAINE Thomas d ;fa alive;2 unnamed brothers;wife margt exex;pledges henry quayle peel mason wm leece patrick 1784 A 66 CORRIN William dated ;jane corron (nephew's dau);uncle's son;nephew robert corrin knockaloe beg exor;witt john gorry x mary cain x 1784 A 67 HALSAL Ellinor quayle dated ;dau margt craine als halsal,joaney halsal als clucas;gch ann craine,elinor halsal,margt halsal;,john halsal only son wm ;husb john exor;son-i-law nicholas craine;husb dead by probate son wm exor 1784 A 68 GELL Esther kneale d ;husb thomas exor;child on her bearing;sis elinor clark,isabel kneale;fa henry kneale;pledges wm cottier kk patk john quirk clerk st marks chapel 1784 A 69 HALSAL Joney CLUCAS d ;ch Wm(eldest), Thomas, Ellinor(at age), Margt, Cath Ann - some ua;husb Wm(her title to purchased lands) exor[full] 1784 A 70 KILLEY John d ;wife martha als quain;son wm edwd(2 youngest),james exor;mo ann;some ch ua;pledges by exor uncle henry killey (also supv),charles quane 1784-1 E 1194 d KILLEY Ann [1st in book B]d ;son henry,john(decd - ch james,wm,edwd - wife martha),ann(had sett);inv 1784-1 E 1200 d QUILLIAM Henry d ;sibs philip,james(abroad),ellinor 1784-1 E 1202 w HALSAL John d ;only son wm exor;daus elinor,margt (two youngest ua) margt craine als halsal;[?2nd marr] 1784-1 E 1203 w CORRIS Margaret cowley d ;widow;son philip(eldest),thos,patk,simon exor (a minor not capable);dau cath;1797 simon at age;inv 1784-1 E 1209 d FARGHER Esther bell als qua d ;ch john,thos,wm,elizth(quilliam als bell) ann bell;husb thos ballalarghey;quotes will thomas bell 1771 1784-1 E 1221 w LEECE John dated ;formerly ballaleece german now knockaloe but about to depart for health;names ch sis margt clucas(250 in trust for her ch),elinor(120 in trust);friend mrs jane radcliffe(w/o thos radcliffe esq knockaloe) her sis miss ann casement jt exexs;miss elinor leece peel charged;pledges thos radcliffe hugh casement ireland 1784-1 E 1235 d CAIN Philip d july 1784;only ch margt ua gfa james cain uncle thomas boddagh guardians;wife ann;[?

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