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This game follows a female character named Saige (renameable) who is given a device that lets her travel through a portal, taking her 100 years into the past.

Likes: Power bar, Compass Emmett is an unlockable character that Saige meets in Old Reton.Landon says that Teddy is a lot like their father, who passed away a few years before the start of the game.Likes: Sistehcap Album, Lemon Soda Landon is Teddy's older brother and has known Saige since childhood.Less eccentric then his ancestor, Cole is just as kind. After giving him your handkerchief, tell him to keep it. He's also really ugly and has really bad fashion sense.He is also quite chivalrous, as seen when he saves Saige from a creepy guy. Because of this, his parents are over-protective of him. Then, go to Present day Reton on Day 10 to unlock a cut-scene with Cole. Likes: Powerbar, Tokens Oz is an unlockable character in Present day Reton. Unlock Oz: First you must earn 0 which you can do by working in the past at Gentleman Goods or in the present at Reton Mall. Likes: Stickers Bianca is an unlockable character in past Reton.

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Saige's best friend since childhood, Teddy has been leading her into scrapes before they could talk.

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