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If you've got zero interest in the science of love and dating,or if you're already well versed in Ok Cupid's algorithm and how it shares information with you and other folks using the website, you can easily skip this section and move on to step three.

For the rest of you, let's talk briefly about the why's and how's of what you've done so far with the popular dating site, and what your focus needs to be from now on in. Do you have a plethora of potential mates or suitors, like the gal in the photo above, or are you just waiting for someone "appropriate" to message you or reply?

I cannot delete my Profile Registration: Sign-up Problems/Account Deletions Registration: User Name too close to E-Mail Address Why do some profiles show "area" (which means "country") while others don't?

So, you're on Ok Cupid (my favorite of all the top dating sites), however for whatever reason, you're struggling to meet someone cool/loving/close to your age/cute/who wants more than something casual/_______[fill in the blank].

I get it, because like you, I was in a similar boat with my own dating profile recently, and I also received many questions from readers and friends just like you with the same issues on an almost daily basis.

Start with a fresh dating profile or use the one you've created in the past - this all works equally either way.

You will however need an account with Ok Cupid, and access to the computer-based version instead of just the app.

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The first time a user is added to a site collection Share Point is reading the information from AD and stores teh info in a hidden table in the root web.

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