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When asked If the satel Uta pro- gram had any feasibility In the mllltaiy program, bo stated that the U. Is "a little fantos Uc In our absurdities," and that didn't see ony reason for shooting ft^Tnl BSl I e~to— the -moon;- only- to shoot It bock to earth. ■ Ko utnlk noted that Oeneral Anderson Is one of the most controversial persons Jn society today and that he was one of the most dynamic speakers the group would ever bear. Woodrow wooley, pas- tor of the First Presbyterian church, gave the Invocation. Oen- evleve Neo Us, Heybum; Dlanne Ba Uey, Oakley, and Mrs. Ho noted that the enemy has too many mlsslles-ond-ve have too few- "about 70." "World war n was the greatest contest of bungles eve} fought." he d eclored,— adding— that— the— only reason that Napoleon didn't bungle his war as much Is that there weren't as many gadgets to bun- gle It with. James Eoutnlk was toast- master and was Introduced by Wl Ulom Koch, Chamber of Com- merce president. penny Thompson, Douglas Hoggan and Ju Ue Jensen, all Burley: Mrs. The D3 will be jlvcn ttielr exit permit* tomorrotp, the deportment reported. Kennedy appeared before i house Judiciary subcommittee con- ■Iderlns m series of bills deollns with Interstate crime. Fri ends ma)[_call at tho Poyne mortuary Thursdoy until ^llme of services. Pinal rites will bo held at the Pleasant View cemetery, Burley. A spokesman said Swiss diplo- mats In Havana Informed Wosh- — In BWn~that"thc-FIflcr CB3tro""gov- ernment had agreed to Iwuc the permits. Kennedy, who waa chief counsel of the sen- ate rackets committee, said some of the proposals were new but a number hod been proposed in previous yoora by^other-offlclals Including form*authorl Ucs, not supplant them. "MAr-IC VAt LKT— Partly-elondy tonlitit-andtomorrow-wllh t««- o*cl« of leatlered showers mos Uy over Ih B' roonn Ulni. Magic Valley Hospitals Magic _yalley Memorial visiting hours are from^ 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 p.m. Robert Edson, Buhl, sons were bom Wednesday to-Mr.— and . commander of the local air force reserve unit; William Orange. m.' ADMITTED Olorla Martin ex, Wilson labor camp; Avery Weaver. ' DISMISSED Oavlna Oorza; Paul labor camp, and Melanle Humphrey and Mar- lene-Martlncz.-both Rupert. Eoutnlk Introduced Oeorge Forscbler, commander of the Twin Falls Air Force association squad- ron; John-Ealsch. Visiting hours at Minidoka Me- morial hospital are from 3 to 4 and from 7 to B p. Marie Mc Brlde, Rupert DISMISSED Karen Wlcteel, Albion; Mrs, Laureli AOams, Oakley; Thomas Fulton and Arlow Montgomery, both Heybum: Mrs. " The sectloa that was drafted t^' give public power preferoica' over, private power at federal dims la ' not dearly spelled out in the com* ■ JMt-_,._i L_ HIGHLIGHTS^ _ Insid.e Todoyj , roga 4— ^to Hals: .rwffi Falls Btm Young^ r Bea KO to Vote.* —Tag- - . WEDNESDAY, MAY 17,- 1061 To Open Bids Ta Get Pump -Weather,— Temperatures- Warning for tbl Td domu Uo wdl In the aoutli- vtat aectlon of Bui;]c7.

and Promo Hri B' the'^Rrowlh of ^lne Irrl Kated Idaho' Coilnllbs" VOL. If true, this is fl-Be Uinck-for both the elected regime of Premier John JI. first field nrmy's headquarters In Wonju, miles east of Seoul. It came out after a Seoul news- paper s Ald Leo had ordered his men to remain neutral In Hie crisis. She bad lived In Idaho for - ■ 88 yelra and waa a member-of-the Methodist church, Rebekah lodne and a past noble snmd of tho Rupert Rebekah lodge. Sheriff's officers said these sticks are tvo and one-fourth Inches wide and 34 Inches Ions. Worrell, Cassia' county ' sherllf, asks parents In the area to check their children's Autos and he warned of the dangur of an explosion. There were no reports of open military opposition to the army rebels who seized control of Seoul _CBrly_;ye3lerday,_But-tho - rebel troops due foxholes on the north- east editc of the city alons one ol the main routes from the demar- cation -line-between South and North Korea, where most of the South Korean army Is on station. Citizens To Go Home ■ WASHINOTON, May n (UPD .- Cuba^hat-agroed-lo let Bl U.- _. Low tonlsht 30 to «; slightly warmer tomorrow with a high ol 03 to 72. South role stallnn yes Urday was mlnos M to mlnue B7. Van His e.87, ■"Claimed by Death PAtl Zi, May 17— Mrs. ST, died at the Minidoka Memorial hospital, Hup- ert, Tuesday after ft lingering 111- 8ho was bom Nov. PUneral services aro pending at tbo Poyno mortuarr. .-Three sticks also were stolen as well as two boxes of. 'Hiursday In the Rupert LD3 tabci;nacla Hlth Bishop Clyde Colts otflclatlns. Friends may coll at the Mc- culloch funeral homo Thursday afternoon and evening and until time of services. Services will be under dh-ectlon of Crlppln funeral borne. acrvlcea-Jor Lynford Hart Monnlng conducted at 3 pjn. A heavy concentration of trcops also was deployed In other areas of Seoul's eastern outskirts. citizens' return homo Fridny, the ■ slate department announced today. Kennedy asked confl TCsa today to give fed- eral officials '-ft- battery- of— new le Ro] weapons to fltcht racketeers who have sained power which local authorities are unable to combat. FW TORir; May 17 (CPD— Tho Wihest -t«mperatnr»-repor(«d-ti) i f y Wctt Vlit r DU rtg ir 7e s ttrd » rw a i- l M-deme«-at-Preddt»;-T«»r The loweil readlnr reporleii this momlnr was 22 dcrecs at Mar- Quelte County, nlrporl, Mich. Burley, Dynamite Stolen On Burley Farm Btl RI^EY, May 17— Le Roy Qar- ner, who lives live mlltfs south ■nd bne mile west of_Hur Iey, re- ported to Cassia county sherlff V office Tuesday that four atlcka^f. Concluding riles win be held Prlday In Nyssa cem e tcri', Ore. Thursday at the' Burley LDS 'tabernacle, with Bishop Allen Carter offlclatlns. Robert Tucker, Ida Steglll and Don Hill, all Twin Fa Us; Walter Mc Cauley, Mrs. Pamela War- ren, Hansen, and Albert Durllng, Keene.

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