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Jake and Amir was one of the most popular shows on College Humor. Full Benefits A series of sketches written by and starring and David Young about two coworkers and their attempts to keep their relationship hidden.Each episode usually begins with them waking up in the same bed after having one of their numerous one night stands.Prank War A series that documents the escalating pranks that are played between former CH staffers and.Prank War gained national notoriety after Amir staged a fake public marriage proposal from Streeter to his girlfriend Sharon at a game.

These videos usually depict the fictionalized odd activities and events that take place in the office on a daily basis.Articles College Humor posts original writing from its staff and users, including humorous essays, comics, interviews and weekly columns on sports, video games, college life, and dating.Contributing writers to the site have included notable comedians , , , , , Alex Figueroa, Justin Johnson, and.College Humor's original videos average 20 million views per month on the site. May 2017 CH original sketches, animations, and music One-off comedy sketches, cartoons and music videos written and produced by the in-house staff.In addition, their videos are collected on the College Humor You Tube Channel, which currently has over 12 million subscribers, with over 27,765 new subscribers joining each week. Written by Patrick Cassels, , , Mike Trapp and amongst others , these sketches are designed to be more in nature than the site's other comedy content.

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