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If you’re worried that your computer is not working properly or think that it may have a virus, then talk to a computer technician.The best option for beginners is to buy a ‘package’ from a reputable provider (such as Mc Afee or Norton) which will include a range of security software.They may direct you to a fake website, trick you into thinking you’ve won a lottery or prize, or pretend to be someone you may know who has been stranded somewhere and needs money.Some emails may also have a link or file attached for you to click on or open. Opening these links or downloading the files may be harmful to your computer.More and more people are using computers, smartphones and tablets to get online.

Scammers can use social networks such as dating websites or chat rooms. These tricks are hard to spot, so it’s always worth talking to a friend or relative about it, especially if things seem to be moving fast.Scammers are constantly finding new ways to trick people and online scams are changing all the time.It’s not unusual for people to get tricked, so don’t suffer in silence and don’t be embarrassed to report it.If you arrange to meet, make sure it’s in a public place, tell someone else where you’re going and don’t give away information too quickly.False and misleading claims may be made about medical-related products, such as miracle health cures, and fake online pharmacies may offer medicines cheaply.

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