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The hardest part of the Student Loan Consolidation process is making sure that you’re doing the right thing, and in the right way, and that’s what a debt relief expert can assist you with.The problem with most student loan consolidation companies is that they’re full of scam artists, liars, and thieves.When you consolidate federal student loans, that means you’re combining multiple student loans into a single, larger loan, which simplifies your monthly payments (leaving you with only one instead of multiple monthly payments).Federal loan consolidation offers a variety of potential benefits, including: Don’t fall for the scams out there offering to consolidate your Federally-funded student loan debt for a low price, like 0, or even 0.

Please also note that Private Student Loan Consolidation works entirely differently than Direct Consolidation Loans, with far less legal oversight that can result in skyrocketing (or plummeting) interest rates, depending on market conditions.

However, keep in mind that the main reason most people consolidate their loans is to reduce monthly payments, or to reduce the complexity of tracking their total outstanding debt.

By wrapping a bunch of little loans into one larger loan, you may be able to extend your loan term or modify your loans in other ways that will end up saving you money on monthly payments, but it’s virtually always going to end up costing you more in the long-run, since paying back a loan over a longer period of time means that the loan will rack up more interest along the way.

The purpose of this article is to walk you through the process of understanding exactly what direct consolidation loans are, when they make sense, and when they don’t.

Keep in mind that consolidation your federal student loan debt could end up making you ineligible for some of the best benefits programs on offer, so it’s something that should be approached with caution.

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