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I haven't tested that type of environment." Instead, Resch went with a FC SAN from Compellent, cutting the backup window down to a more acceptable eight to 10 hours. "I would rather see VMware coordinate with SAN vendors to allow snapshots at the disk level, something Microsoft already says they're going to do with VSS in the next release of Windows." Siles wouldn't comment on whether his "little birds" had told him any more about what VMware may have hidden up its sleeve.

"I wouldn't spend the money on it," Siles said of the centralized backup option. "Hopefully in a three-dot-something release, they'll be doing more, at least on snapshots," he said.

Meanwhile, the new centralized backup feature, which allows users to offload backup jobs to a proxy server for staging, came too late for one user, Chris Resch, chief technology officer of Office Ware Inc., who had been using an IP SAN but dumped it for FC last summer when he found his VMware backups were taking too long.

NAS is architecturally optimized to store, manage and deliver files, and managing files is documented as being much easier to manage than logical unit numbers (LUNs)."Since VMware began, its revenue has doubled every year, and yet since EMC bought the company, its own stock price has gone down," noted an analyst in the audience.How many companies do you know give away their best assets? He said VMware is part of EMC's family and is better positioned for growth with the weight of EMC behind."They're at the layer in the code to do that, at least mirroring at the virtual disk level." Becchetti also said that volume management was so tricky for him with ESX that he would often use GSX instead with his Symantec Net Backup tool."It works better, especially with Linux, to do volume management that way," he said.

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Transferring those files over IP for backup or data migration took from an hour to 90 minutes apiece.

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