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Those who live by the simple rules that most people used to accept may not end up rich or hold elite jobs, but their lives will go far better than they do now.

All schools and neighborhoods would be much safer and more pleasant.

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But restoring the hegemony of the bourgeois culture will require the arbiters of culture — the academics, media, and Hollywood — to relinquish multicultural grievance polemics and the preening pretense of defending the downtrodden.

The 1960s roiled with cultural and political change, and the language was as colorful as the tie-dye.

Here’s a look at some words that have endured, and some that are better left in the patchouli-scented dustbin of history.

Instead, the number of single parents grew astronomically, producing children more prone to academic failure, addiction, idleness, crime, and poverty.

This cultural script began to break down in the late 1960s.

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Banishing discrimination and expanding opportunity does not require the demise of bourgeois culture.

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