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Nico stumbles upon the world of magic, and is sent by the gods to investigate Hogwarts. In a time when Mages are hunted for who and what they are, the wheels of destiny begin to turn. Children are thrown into the chaos, struggling to find their paths. Enjoy reading the emotions and secrets of everyone's favorite bad boy... Does your name not mean Angel of the Victorious People? This story is written with the help of Fathom FEE, chapter two replaced! These games will be filled with life's two greatest demons: love and betrayal. Nico's growing interest in Thalia provokes Rachel to question whether being the Oracle is worth what she won't experience in life. Hermione gets drunk one night and is brought to the Burrow. The ministry decides to pair her up with a pure-blood to get her accustomed to her new life. Of course, it just happens to be her enemy, Draco Malfoy.

Can Nico survive the year of Slughorn in a school hostile to death and shadow magic? Will they find the light or be swallowed by darkness? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own the rights to the characters or plot. " Nico has seen the upmost worst of the world and humanity. Set along the course of the anime, Totsuka Tatara may have lost his life in the Kings' battle, but his meddling tendencies extend from beyond the grave. A boy by the name of Harry Potter has escaped death for far too long. A scream tore from her lips when something grabbed her and hauled her to her feet."Tell me you can see me! The last thing Hermione expected to find while helping her Muggle cousin was the missing Malfoy, now she's stuck with him. Lily Luna's obsession leads Harry, his family, his friends, and the Malfoy's to watch A Very Potter Musical. Thalia and Nico share a kiss that Zeus doesn't approve of though Hades approves 100%. Zeus throws a tantrum that turns into a full out war. Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace were like Romeo & Juliet; meant for each other, but forbidden.

N/P or P/N I dont really care about the order of names, so if you think it has anything to do with top or bottom..doesnt. When Hermione Granger goes on a secret mission for the order of the phoenix, disguiseing herself as a new student to get close and get information from Draco Malfoy, she gets closer than planned. Finally, he sits the god down and learns his secret; learns what he's been keeping from everybody for the past thirty-something years. [NOTE 19/08/2016: This story is currently on hiatus pending a re-write or possible deletion.]In a world where Katniss did not volunteer, Prim is thrust into the Hunger Games, wide-eyed and terrified, with Peeta as her actual support system. Will being forced to spend time with the girl his brother likes change everything? Nico and Percy have been friends ever since they were small children.

Thalia had a plan, it was a simple prank, crashing a prom; but a small problem arose. This was inspired by the author of: Of Death and Roses, and a tad bit from Punk Love. Things get messy when she is exposed to a possessive Cato, who seems to have taken an interest in her, and a scheming Haymitch and Effie, who thinks District 12 actually has a shot of winning. Over the years Percy has been like a brother to Nico.

I ve been there and I d say before any bonding beyond acquaintance occurs, be very careful and do keep these 2 parts mostly separate for at least 6 months while you get to know this person.

Without romance, you can better balance your time between all of your friends, both male and female.

So what will happen when Nico comes with his friends on a quest and they must work together? This time, to a boarding school full of rich, spoiled brats. He learns that when he joins the cheerleaders and falls in love with the quarterback, Nico di Angelo. She was taught never to trust a Vampire, never mind one called the God of War.

Don t pay too much just for a name no machine is one-of-a-kind; these were mass-produced products and are still plentiful.

Most would assume her intellect and accomplishments would place her above the petty concerns of average folk.

Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined. Percy, Nico and Luke are closing the deal to make the world a better place. However, Fushimi's feelings getting in the way starts to complicate things as they try to get it over with fast and quiet. What he doesn't know is this is just the calm before the storm. This is slash or boyxboy if you don't like it don't read it. I don't want to listen to your political views on the subject. The final battle took place in the seventh year at Hogwarts.

A perfect Utopia where diseases don't exist and Peace is everywhere. Can Harry manage to trust Nico when he needs his help most, even if he doesn't want to accept the possibility of another life lost? Ex-Seventh year are invited back for eighth year to complete their NEWTs.

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