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If you spend ,000 or more on purchases in a year this fee will automatically be waived - and will continue to be waived each year you spend this amount.This is calculated from the anniversary of the first transaction on your account.* A balance transfer is when you move balances from one or more credit or store cards to another credit card.Note: It may not always be clear to you that the Merchant or entity processing the transaction is located outside Australia. If the card has a negative balance after the transaction: 2.0% or .50, whichever is higher (max. If the card has a positive balance after the transaction: .50 These charges will appear on your statement directly below the relevant cash advance.Although not a Westpac fee, using your card in a non-Westpac Group ATM may result in a charge to you. In some instances, businesses may administer a ‘surcharge’ for credit card payments.If your card account was opened before 4 June 2012, a fee of may be debited from your credit card account every time you exceed your credit limit during a statement cycle.It is debited from your account in that statement cycle, on or after the day(s) your credit limit is exceeded.Our clients are Video producers in need of aerial footage integration to their production, AV professionals and companies strengthening their corporate video communication.

Ask the merchant if a surcharge applies and how much it is before paying if you’re unsure.3.0% Payable as a percentage of the Australian dollar value of any foreign transaction.var $banking Link = 'https:// var $careers Link = 'https:// var $loan Rates Link = 'https:// var $hours Link = 'https:// var $wire Link = 'https:// j Query(document).ready(function(){ var $banking Title = j Query('#mega-menu-item-nav_menu-5').find('h4'); var $careers Title = j Query('#mega-menu-item-nav_menu-15').find('h4'); var $loan Rates Title = j Query('#mega-menu-item-nav_menu-16').find('h4'); var $hours Title = j Query('#mega-menu-item-nav_menu-19').find('h4'); var $wire Title = j Query('#mega-menu-item-nav_menu-20').find('h4'); $banking Title.html('' $banking Title.text() ''); $careers Title.html('' $careers Title.text() ''); $loan Rates Title.html('' $loan Rates Title.text() ''); $hours Title.html('' $hours Title.text() ''); $wire Title.html('' $wire Title.text() ''); j Query('#Sign On Id').on('focus',function()); j Query('#Sign On Id').on('blur',function()); j Query('#btn Online Login').click(function()); j Query('.This fee may also be charged whenever your account is over limit at the commencement of a statement cycle.A balance transfer is when you move balances from one or more credit or store cards to another credit card.

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