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Because of this attitude, users may rely too heavily upon vendor-supplied information and validation data to support their system validation.Relying on vendor-supplied data could compromise the intended use of the software, and therefore, compromise the validation.Figure 2 illustrates software category and validation/verification activities depicted using the traditional validation-model.Summary From a strategic point of view, validating computer systems is an ever-increasing activity in the pharmaceutical industry as technology continuously automates former manual and paper-based processes.This strict consensus is vital to avoid non-compliance with the intended use going from software requirement and designed functionality to operation.Validation strategy The validation strategy, and thus the extent of the validation activities, depends ultimately on the maturity and complexity of the computer software component(s) implied in ISPE GAMP5 and partly FDA 21 211.68(b) (6, 1).This term has shown to be a good and pragmatic guideline.Users of computer systems can use the same term for computer systems.

Regulatory focus is primarily on raw data, data integrity, and SOPs (i.e., procedures not compromising the inteded use and, ultimately, the raw data).

In contrast, several risk-averse pharmaceutical companies choose to validate, in-depth, vendor-supplied pre-validated “standard” software.

Intended use Intended use is defined as, “…facilitate operations for its intended use and for its cleaning and maintenance…” (1).

The characteristics defined by both models are relevant to all software products and computer systems.

The characteristics and subcharacteristics provide consistent terminology for specifying, measuring and evaluating system and software product quality.

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Guidelines, recommendations, hands-on frameworks and templates, including the extent of validation and the type of documentation required to support validation, are unclear (2-8).

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