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This is a far cry from most parents’ fear that posting a picture of cheerleading practice might be enough to bring on the Humbert Humberts.“The notion that predators are using the Internet as an L. Bean catalog, that’s not what’s happening,” said Finkelhor. Thus, skeeves tend to gravitate toward chat rooms geared to sexual topics like dating and romance, and sometimes to support groups for sexual minorities. It’s almost unbelievable how many people are out there, every day, searching in chat rooms for children.”He’s right—if by “big plate of ice cream” he means a cop decoy wandering into a sexually charged chat room and hinting that she (or he) is horny as heck and sweet 16 and her parents are out of town and gee she’d like an i Pod and a backrub. ) about relationships, safety, sex, integrity, and the unlikelihood that anyone would give him an i Pod, or anything, for free.

“That’s a very low-yield strategy for them.” Perverts trolling for cute kids on My Space would have about as much luck dialing numbers out of the phone book and asking for a date. In other words, if she drops herself off at the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop in fishnet stockings. Our job as parents is to prepare kids, not to lock them away from technology.

Evans, who writes about technology for Vice’s Motherboard, spent two years digging up archives and tracking down subjects to add to the canon of internet pioneers.

In other words, millions of people under age 18 joined the online world, and 107 more creeps were arrested for soliciting them.

That’s why Evans set out to highlight the women who helped make the internet in her new book, “Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet,” a series of biographical essays about important women in tech history the Wall Street Journal called “engaging,” while also “too-often fannish,” in its review.

Evans followed the stories of women in computing that span from Ada Lovelace, who published the first computer program in 1843, to cyberfeminism matriarch Sadie Plant, who inspired a generation of politically engaged women online in the early ‘90s.

More recently, Finkelhor turned his attention to the Internet predator, because that’s our newest boogeyman. While the number of arrests did indeed shoot up, from 1,152 to 3,744, the vast majority of the perps pulled in (3,100) were arrested for soliciting the increasing number of law-enforcement decoys—cops online pretending to be juveniles.

These decoys skew the numbers upward because they aggressively court potential molesters, a lot more than your average teen ever would. That’s up just 21 percent in the six years of the study.

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