Danneel harris dating jensen ackles

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Hordes of Zombies kill anything and everything and there is nowhere to hide but when food runs out, Mya is forced to go ashore where she finds some unlikely allies and survivors of the land. For two years Misha Collins has been working on Supernatural, but it's only been a few months since he started crushing on his coworker and best friend Jensen Ackles.Years of schooling finally paid off to do the one thing he loves to do - teach.The first day of school is already nerve-racking enough but when Jared literally runs into the incredibly charming and equally as stunning Mythology and Folklore teacher, Jensen Ackles, the nerves only increase tenfold.The friendship that formed afterwards was easy but then things get more complicated when Jared starts to develop all the wrong kind of feelings for his co-worker.Jared never thought that he would have to relive all the feelings of a high school crush but when the crush starts to turn into something more, Jared finds himself just as lost as the kids that he teaches.

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