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To live in peace, it is important to free one`s mind of the defilements and Vesak is the right time to make a resolution for creating a better world by following Buddha`s principles.

Traveling to Kathmandu, not sure what you can afford?

Also on this holy day, birds, insects and animals are released by the thousands in what is known as a ‘symbolic act to liberation’; of giving freedom to those who are in captivity, imprisoned, or tortured against their will.

Some devout Buddhists will wear a simple white dress and spend the whole day in temples with renewed determination to observe the observance of the Ten Precepts.

On this auspicious day, all the Buddhist monks and devotees are expected to gather in various Buddhist temples before dawn.

Old Kathmandu stretches from Thamel, south to Durbar Square: complete with a maze of streets, where you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

These streets are best explored on foot so that you can fully soak up the sights and sounds that are unique to this amazing city where tradition and modernity are intertwined.

Another remarkable aspect of Vesak is that on this special day efforts are made to bring happiness to the poor, aged, sick and handicapped.

The Eightfold Principles of Buddha are once more presented before the world.

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