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Brenda Hampton: No, Amy did not come back from New York.After a couple of years, Ricky and John moved to New York, along with George, Amy’s dad and John’s grandpa.Hampton: As far as Amy and Ben, it only took her a short time to realize that she really did love Ben, but only as a friend, what might have been had she not gotten pregnant wasn’t what she wanted at all. If they had stayed together in high school, she probably would have realized this much sooner and he would have too.

They married after both of them graduated and were all too happy to have George move across the hall — so convenient. Happily married herself and traveling the world singing in jazz clubs. Did she end up getting together with Ben, whether as just a simple hookup or as a full-on relationship? They loved the idea of being in love with the first person they loved in high school, but uh, just didn’t connect physically.And once he got to the realization that it wasn’t what he thought it would be and that was okay, he became our old Ben again, wonderfully romantic and charming.He wrote his first novel while in college, a best seller based on Amy and he continues to write while pursuing a doctorate in literature.MTV: Did Amy eventually come back from New York to live full-time with Ricky and John?And if so, were she and Ricky able to rekindle their deep love for each other and/or have another child?

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