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Each week, comic book writer Chris Sims answers the burning questions you have about the world of comics and pop culture: what's up with that?If you'd like to ask Chris a question, please send it to @theisb on Twitter with the hashtag #Whats Up Chris, or email it to [email protected] the subject line "That's What's Up." Hmm, let me see here."Data wants to be human" episodes are pretty rough territory at the best of times, but the introduction of Joe Piscopo as a holographic avatar of comedy is among the most grating sights ever committed to film. Okay, the first thing you need to know about this episode is that two years earlier, Geordi fell in love with an imaginary doctor on the holodeck.

Honestly, the best way to go about it might just be doing what one of my best friends does and only watching the ones that have Commander Riker in the thumbnail, but if you want specifics, I'm happy to provide you with the best and worst.

When the modern 's predecessor comes through a rift in time, it changes things so significantly that we shift into an alternate reality where the Federation has not only been at war with the Klingon Empire for a full 20 years, they're on the losing side.

The visuals of the alternate universe are great, with a more militaristic and literally darker where every crew member is armed, and bringing back Tasha Yar was a pretty brilliant touch to underline the differences between the universes.

The same thing happened in an comic back in the '70s, too, and much like this episode should be, it's one of those things we just don't talk about. Every time that dude shows up, it is a delight — he's even good in the one where Deanna gets turned into a fish, and believe me, that's saying something.

Plus, it kicks off what might be the worst overall season of the entire show, and introduces Dr. Just the terrible cover version of Bones from the original series, without all the ghost-banging fun of Dr. His introduction in this episode is great, and not just because of all the goofy Holodeck stuff.

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