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Democrats had to choose between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, "Democratic" Socialist Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.The Democrat Iowa Caucus was very chaotic, poorly run, and whose results were very questionable.Donald Trump defeated sixteen other major candidates to receive the nomination of the Republican Party in July.Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to receive the nomination of the Democrat Party.These individuals expressed interest in running or have been mentioned as possible candidates, which could happen if none of the existing candidates attains a majority of the delegates prior to the Republican National Convention.Pro-choice, ties to Bush administration, never elected to any office, just appointed; left-wing immigration stance, had role leading up to Iraq War, single status will mean she won't have the emotional support of a family for a Presidential run as Laura Bush has said; admired by some conservatives, disliked by others like paleoconservatives and from how Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have criticized her, she doesn't even have all the neoconservatives wrapped up. If she were to run, would use potent immigration issue as foil to Rubio.Trump won the New Hampshire primary easily, more than doubling the votes of his nearest rival.Won the South Carolina primary, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

Exit polls suggest that the issue of terrorism was a decisive factor for voters.

A record-breaking total of 17 individuals formally announced their candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.

Their first debate was held on Thursday, August 6, on the Fox News Channel, and viewed by a record-breaking audience of 24 million people.

Can take its mantle and change debate to pressure other candidates to tack right on the issue. If Rubio had been the Presidential nominee, he was likely to make Ayotte his running mate hoping the ticket will appeal to two swing states (Florida and New Hampshire), Hispanics, and women, offsetting Hillary with the last group.

Both Rubio and Ayotte have been taken under the wings of Mc Cain and Graham since getting in the Senate.

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By March 15, half of the delegates will have been allocated among the candidates, including the key "winner take all" states of South Carolina, Florida and Ohio.

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