Dating 1970s ludwig drums

Always remember that I am only reporting info I have gathered and try to avoid presenting anything as absolutely definitive.

I am always looking for new reports of drums so that we can document what was produced.

Drummers sought out tougher, louder, and sturdier gear. Many new sounds took to the stage and Ludwig drums were right there for the ride, influencing the sound and look of the 1970’s.

Along with these new shell concepts, Ludwig would revamp and redesigned various existing wood shell kits: Mach Series, expanded Classic outfits, Club Date, Standard, and Jazzette.

The Atlas hardware line was also introduced, an evolved drum hardware line from the thin flat base stand design to a thicker sturdier tripod design.

Just as in the decade prior, Ludwig production kept onward focusing on fresh innovative ideas.

Production for Ludwig excelled beyond what the facility at 1728 N.

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