Dating a divorced person

The kids are a part of that person, they always will be - and that's as it should be.If they're a mature adult, they'll have a civil relationship with their ex for the sake of the kids; and if they can do that, then you have a good one on your hands.I have kids, so obviously it'd be silly for me to not consider a divorcee who has them as well.

Your concern should lie mostly in how much the ex has destroyed .the other hand..may wonder as to why a man has "not" married at this point in views..i have heard..."must be something wrong with him if he's still a bachelor at 40"....

I never worry about divorced guys i date going back to their wives, although it has happend to me a couple of times b/4 i starting living by this one full year rule.

A man that I dated when I was devorices would tell you, not to because they go back.

Peep05 said: I am not dating anyone but was wondering about this subject considering my age, most people my age have been married. In my case, I may as well have been married, but if I had been, I'd only be in worse financial shape than I am, unless of course the courts could've seen reality and that it was her actions that led to the breakup/'divorce'.

I think I would be afraid of dating a recently divorced man, or one who has children from said ex. And, that's a BIG NO, I would not, will not go back for another round.

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