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The police investigation, Operation Lime, crossed into Dorset on Wednesday as the truck that towed away the Skripals' car from the upper floor of a Sainsbury's car park was recovered from Gillingham.

And on Thursday, the focus of the investigation turned to Alderholt.

One of the low loaders was seen reversing into Tudor Close.

At around 2.15pm, one of the trucks drove away from Tudor Close with a vehicle on it. A spokesperson from the Met Police said: "The military is assisting police to remove a number of vehicles and items from areas of Dorset following the incident in Salisbury.

"The Ministry of Defence regularly assists the emergency services and local authorities in the UK.

"Military assistance will continue as necessary during this investigation." MP Simon Hoare, who represents North Dorset, visited residents in both Gillingham and Alderholt yesterday. "There are a few people in hazchem suits, but many officials, including police officers, are walking around in their normal attire," he said.

"They've got the two large army vehicles and they've got tents up in the area opposite," she said.

"The public should not be alarmed and the public health advice remains the same.

"The military has the expertise and capability to respond to a range of contingencies.

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MILITARY personnel and police were in a quiet village in East Dorset yesterday as part of a investigation into the poisoning of a former spy.

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