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And all this new technology creates a jungle of new decisions. Do I throw out all the clumsy-looking old-fashioned televisions? Some women like and understand machinery; I don't and can't.

But even without a man in your life, you are still you.

Above all, the advice I would give any new widow - and I really will try to restrain myself - is, don't imagine your life has ended too, though it may feel that way at first.

You will find a new path, it will not be alone, unless you want it to be, there are people who clamour for your skills, your company, your friendship and your love.

This is one way a widow's friends and family can offer valuable constructive help - by keeping an eye out for children and young people who may be relegated to the next room, and are feeling left out or guilty or bewildered by the changes in their lives and their surge of emotions. That was another mistake I made - trying faithfully to recreate all the things we used to do when Desmond was alive, even holding the same carol concert for friends and neighbours in our cottage.

They warn you about a great many things when you get married. Forget their machismo, their muscles, all that hunter-gathering; men lack the physical stamina for living, so women last on average ten years longer. If, like me and many other women, you are attracted to talented, experienced older men, their extra years make your widowhood even more likely. It is said that the English vice is reticence, and that we won't talk to the bereaved about their loss, for fear of hurting them. In the end, I used to say: "Ah well, you know," and let them finish the sentence themselves.

That leads you to question his “I love you” in word or deed? Step away from the high school cafeteria table where you once giggled and obsessed about boys. You were learning about the whole relationship boy/girl exchange, but as an adult woman, the only thing you are ever going to get from it is a big fat bruised ego. Insinuating himself into your life and your affections. Show me a “sex accident” and I will recant, but until I am offered proof, I will maintain my disbelief.

If it’s not too soon to have regular “sleep over” dates than it is not too soon to ask questions when you feel that love is in the air and he, for reasons unclear, doesn’t seem to be feeling it too. It’s no different from the divorced guy whose “wife screwed him over” or the never married guy who’s “afraid of commitment because of that girl who dumped him once … The stereotypical guy whose been too hurt to open his heart again routine has rewarded many a man with the cake sans having to bake it for himself. He will not retreat or play “now you see/hear from me and now you don’t” games.

Though he may have left your life, the man you have lost is still there, in your heart, loving and cheering you on.

Hallie Biden, the widow of the late Beau Biden, is now dating his married brother Hunter. Beau and Hunter‘s father is former Vice President Joe Biden.

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