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On the back of releasing “Songbook”, I’ve been working to get over that mental block, and I’m always interested in sharing ideas where possible, so hopefully I’ll be able to impart some useful and interesting knowledge to the people who come along.Some people were not enthused by the idea of the camp when it was announced, and it’s worth me addressing that.We’ll get deep into my material, your material, arrangement, inspiration, all aspects of writing, and there’s also a plan for us to collectively work on some new material when we’re there.

This isn’t the only time I’m going to talk about songwriting – I’ve actually recently started working on a book on the subject. But for those interested, I think it’s going to be awesome.There’s been a bit of internet kerfuffle about the whole thing, so I wanted to talk about it in depth for a moment or two.The camp is going to be an intense hangout based around songwriting as a concept.Songwriting is the thing I spend the vast majority of my waking life thinking about.In the past I’ve been a little reluctant to talk about it in detail, not least because I struggled to find the right vocabulary for it.

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