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Finally here's a jaunty little tune Do-Mi-So for the feature video Mouseketeer Ron Steiner gave an interview to Randall Nakashima about his days as a mouse......And along those lines here's a feature video with him and his pals Death Revealed: Kurt over at the Cinch and Set website has a brief eulogy for one of the main actors in the Spin and Marty serials...... from Canada recently got Winnipeg reporter John Einarson interested in Ronnie Steiner and his two brothers, all of whom appeared on the MMC.

Mouseketeer Lynn Ready's family revealed he passed away from cancer on February 26th, 2018.This one will be updated on an irregular basis as new information becomes available.....A website visitor requested our new feature video, otherwise it probably would not have been shown due to video quality concerns.....Through the courtesy of Ron Steiner come some candid photos of Mouseketeers at the MMC Circus, including a couple that violate Disney standards (see if you can guess which and why).....Another in the series of Lost Episodes is presented by Randall Nakashima.....

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  1. Try not to get offended or assume that he’s not into you if he doesn’t bring you flowers, if he doesn’t hold the door up for you, if he doesn’t pay for the movie or if he doesn’t offer to walk you home.

  2. Opinions are just that, and don't need to be supported by facts or evidence, although presenting them can make someones case much more compelling. I am sure there was something like this when you used craigslist but maybe it just needs reworded.

  3. The fact is, you’ll never quite get it right, and you’ll probably just end up looking like some former 70s disco legend. However, you’ll never compete with a younger man on that score, and to be perfectly honest, that isn’t what she wants from you, anyway.

  4. Just so happens the one coming in to overdub mid next week, claim to have a great Marshall 800 - I will see how it shapes up with the Engle gear.. I'd want to try one first because I'm not a huge fan of their amps or the POD and I can't imagine the distortion modeler being THAT much different.