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THE BIG REVEAL After a few dates, women are much more willing to open up about their own experiences and are likely to share stories about themselves. You could either fail or you could come away with flying colours.

While the first two dates gave you a superficial idea of what she’s like, the third gives you the biggest insight into her personality. Since you know her basic likes and dislikes, try planning a date that you both would enjoy.

But now that you’ve passed the terrible twos, you can relax a bit. You’re likely to be on your best behaviour on your first date: steering clear of controversial topics, not asking about exes and no political talk.

But now you know enough about the basics of each other to push the conversation and you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or contrasting views on a topic. COMPATIBILITY METER While the first two dates may have seen you play it safe, now is the time to take a chance.

And you can start to see patterns and traits, like if she genuinely is interested in films and so on. Whether it’s to an amusement park or coffee brewing workshop, you’ll get to see whether you are compatible, and if you both share the same idea of fun.

THE NEXT LEVEL By the third date, you can flirt openly and she won’t write you off as a creep.

If you’re at an amusement park, win something for each other. Less nerve wracking than the first, and a sure guarantee that the woman didn’t just say yes to the second by accident, the third date often determines the direction of the relationship.Yes, we used the R word — something you are allowed to do once you cross the mark three.Amusement parks have it all, from lazy walks and romantic rides, to scary and fun rides and are almost always the perfect way to spend an entire day together without the fear of getting bored or running out of things to talk about. You may have to put on your best, clean side during the first couple of dates.But now that both of you are almost a couple, you can tease your date about any funny incidents or even poke fun of them when they do something silly.

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After the second date, keep in touch over the phone and talk to each other regularly, on a daily basis or every other day if you can’t call often.

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