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These are times when visions of the future are clashing and when the interests of the system-as-bureaucracy begin to reassert themselves over the interests of the system-as-warfighting-organization.It is in these times that clarity of vision and communication up and down the ranks are most important.The leaf-eaters will contine to graze safe pastures, rest assured.The coming drawdown will expose a growing crisis of vision, communication, and trust between the ranks.There is a more important reason why these two examples line up.Just as Washington changes those who would seek to change it, so too does the bureaucracy of the military.These are an anathema to the minds of many mid-level and junior officers and staff non-commissioned officers who have spent nearly a decade trying to hone a combat mindset. Despite the sluggish economy, there are many motivated and talented officers who after years of combat operations need the dynamism of fluid environments, meaningful challenges, and new and different responsibilities to keep them going.

This socialization generally tends to promote the status quo and the survival of the system as it is.

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While this is very true, this does not completely absolve senior military officers of their culpability in the shortcomings of the system.

There is room for reform within the authorities given them by Congress.

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It is therefore critical that the institutional leadership begins to enter a dialogue with its younger officers. military will become, once again, and army at dawn, losing its edge and its knowledge until a new adversary bloodily forces the reforms that so many are crying out for today. The critical thing is not to agree or disagree point by point, but to understand that there is a growing crisis of trust that the institutional leadership must address, or fail to do so at its peril.

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