Dating an air force man

Your relationship is something special that not everyone gets the chance to experience.They may get to see their significant other every week, but you get to be in love with your hero and experience the love of a military man who still manages to love you each and every day even from thousands of miles away.You would be totally okay with all of the things they’re not okay with because it would at least mean that your boyfriend is home instead of thousands of miles far away from home.You envy their relationship because they get to do all the things that you don’t have the luxury of doing, and yet they don’t even realize just how good they have it.Even though all these things are hard, you learn to be okay with them because you wake up every morning knowing you’re one day closer to seeing each other and it gives you the motivation you need to keep pushing on.The distance allows you to learn to stand on your own two feet and be a much more independent person whether it’s by choice or not.One of the greatest things that comes out of your military relationship is your ever-growing appreciation for one another.

There are many days of separation, loneliness, and more than enough days when you just want to eat a gallon of ice cream, watch some Netflix and cry.

How many girls do you know who drop all of their friends because they constantly just want to be with their boyfriend?

It sucks never seeing each other, but it’s also a blessing in disguise because you get that privilege of taking the chance to have a circle of people in your life that’s larger than just the two of you.

Through the faith and prayer, God becomes your foundation and your commitment to each other can only grow stronger and result in a better relationship.

The faith you develop doesn’t make the relationship easier, but it definitely makes it all possible.

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All of these things make you a stronger individual and will, in the long run, make you a better version of yourself.

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