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If you do want to make it buffered bypass then you could use the standalone buffer layout as a bypass daughterboard.For those who do want the bypass done in the same way as Cornish, the input socket connects directly to the input of the bypass buffer.

Let me get right to the point: If a guitar does not have a valid "Ibanez" logo on its headstock, then it's NOT an Ibanez guitar.

The output of the bypass buffer then goes to G2 input and daisy chains to the 3PDT stomp switch, lugs 1 and 4.

The output from Volume 2 of the G2 will go to 3PDT lugs 3 and 6, and the output socket connects to 3PDT lugs 2 and 5.

This effect unit gets the most benefit from being fed into a clean, full frequency response amplifier and I recommend that when you receive your pedal you connect it up without anything else in line, just Guitar/Pedal/Amp, and discover the way the controls interact, both with themselves and the guitar/amp controls.

Then adding the rest of your effects, you may find that you need to make slight adjustments to these as they are now being fed with a constant signal when the G-2™ is in Bypass Mode.

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