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Their company, Ken-on, had no comment about this relationship, but it seemed to be already confirmed that this two are currently dating. One will be a shot of them on her veranda which tbh, is too much invasion of their privacy... Although seeing the first picture, it's seem they know that camera is following them, and they're not really have a problem with it.It's not that he had a problem, it's only the press got him going to a "private" spa with a woman who is infamous for playing in the night city with different males (her name is Asada Mai if you want to know) and spend the night together.The other two substories that weren't listed are #44 and #45.The "Sakura Shock" substory is one substory for three women.

Trick: If you want a specific girl hold L1 to hang up until you get the good girl,it doesn't matter which course you take but if you want to have more time choose the longest one. Praying for this to be real, lasting and smooth sailing. Successfully navigate the minigame and you can meet with her. Go on more dates to increase your friendship meter.For him, it was not Friday, but Bunshun/Spring Sentence by the way So, is anyone planning to sit this young man down for the traditional "friendly chat"?I mean, I'll do it, but I suspect there are folk who're closer and can address this pressing issue more quickly. I just try and let go of that once they are adults.

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You can't use how the woman looks (remember that this is Kiryu's imagination) or the script she uses to respond, as there are no distinctions there. I had heard she was the one with the "sexy" voice and I picked up on it almost immediately once she called. There's a good guide for that on Khh Subs. of the voices are still hard to distinguish since you don't always hear them one after the other but overall their tips on the voices were spot on.

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