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SEE ALSO: Step-Money: Getting to the Heart of the Matter …before the date, seek out people who can answer a few probing questions about this person’s values, character, honesty, family history, etc. You’ll want to know these things before you are emotionally attached.…before the date, pray and commit to God your sexual purity. SEE ALSO: Best Practices for Dating Single Parents (and the Singles Who Date Them) …observe how this person treats others such as a waitress or sales clerk. If so, this can be an indicator of how they will eventually treat you. …if he or she is divorced, ask a few questions about the divorce. Your children shouldn’t meet that person until engagement is on the horizon.My obnoxious mood was the result of the recent abandonment by my husband. The loneliness was overwhelming and I naïvely assumed an innocent date would be the cure. Images of me snarling “Make My Day” as I gradually inched out the same cool one-sided grin that Clint Eastwood flaunts in Dirty Harry danced in my head, with gun in hand.Fortunately, I came to my senses and realized that asking my date to stop at a pawnshop to make the purchase might seem odd.

…recognize the customary temptation to become “The Brady Bunch”. And if you are a Christian you will then have the painful process of falling out of love with someone God forbids you to marry. …ignore the dangerous signs of possessive manipulation or control.For example, the judge might disapprove of the dating spouse's behavior and develop a bias against them.While such a bias is ostensibly unacceptable in the U. legal system, judges are human and biases are natural and even probable in some instances.In my eighteen years of leading divorce recovery ministry I’ve observed men and women of various ages transition back into dating.After scrutinizing both their wise and foolish choices I believe the following “dos” and “don’ts” to be helpful. Even though you may “feel” divorced, the truth is married people don’t date.

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It’s the person who doesn’t prepare for temptation beforehand, which often weeps afterwards. This gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing you can escape if you’re uncomfortable. …listen for the ways he or she talks about family …on the first date, ask significant spiritual questions such as: “What church do you attend? ” “When did you come to know Christ as your Savior? On the initial date this might seem awkward and inappropriate, but guarding your heart is worth it. If the relationship dies, they will suffer another loss.

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