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"But if they're friends with Kenneth and have a sex-positive outlook and plenty of experience, I'm down with all of them." With Gabriel and Peter's permission, I add all seven bangers and Alex to the Facebook message group and all voice their enthusiasm for the upcoming event.

With the realness of a seven- or eight-person sex event becoming evident to the both of us, I begin searching for an appropriate venue, and get a primer in just how expensive New York City hotel rooms can be.

But I've never participated in a gangbang, let alone organized one.

That, as I understand it, is what I'm being asked to deliver, less than three months from now. Since we met early this year, we've maintained a very loving, respectful, mature relationship that incorporates a lot of raunchy and rollicking adventures.

Peter, a good-looking friend who I've had sex in the same room as, enthusiastically offers to step up after I kvetch to him about the trials and tribulations that only a fledgling gangbang organizer can know. After a meeting over beers, she decides Peter has made the cut.

I agree in theory, but I still want to build in some contingencies in the event that one or even two of these guys aren't able to make it.

"I've never met these guys," says Alex as she pores over these pinch hitters' shirtless Facebook pics and counts up their numerous abs.I suppose that a gangbang is just going to be the latest and greatest; a natural extension of some of the expeditions we've already mounted.I'm certain that Alex's taboo-busting desire comes from a good place.It details the location, the time everyone needs to show up (pm), what will be provided (condoms, lube, water, soft drinks, beer), what the guys should bring (a towel to shower before and after the event, their preference of condom, lube, or beverage), what Alex's desires, boundaries, and safe words are, and the general vibe of the evening -- which is compassionate, reverent, yet robust slut worship.But not all of the participants' thumbs-up emojis bounce back in response.

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This is the one word my girlfriend blurts out when I ask what she wants for her upcoming 33rd birthday, her so-called Jesus year.

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