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There are many more examples of Africans who had unique and outstanding lives in Britain prior to 1948- each one is deserving of a full history.

The following are a few examples with a brief note- the reader is invited to Google their names to discover more about them.

In later years Barber served as an assistant helping to revise the illustrious “Dictionary of the English Language.” Barber was designated by Johnson as his sole heir and was assigned an annuity of £70. Barber was also an important source of information for James Boswell in writing about the life of Johnson.

In 1801 Barber died and today his descendants still live in Staffordshire.

Johnson and Barber was described by contemporaries as more like father and son than master and servant. Johnson paid for Barber to be educated at Bishop’s Stortford Grammar school.

And, Barber served him for 32 years until Johnson’s death in 1784.

Samuel Johnson, the famous lexicographer, who many people consider to be “the most distinguished man of letters in the English history.” The relationship between Dr.

A history plaque erected by the BBC now marks the place at the Liverpool docks where he was killed in 1919.

The information about the African people highlighted above is clear evidence that large numbers of Africans lived in Britain prior to 1948.

He was not only a valet but also his secretary, arranging his trips and keeping his diary.

When Barber married, his English wife and children lived in Johnson’s home.

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