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Training camps teaching young Chinese men how to date women have become a thriving business in China.

During their course, trainees learn how to dress attractively, act courteous and civilized and make small talk with women they want to meet.

In Spain, Angel said, many guys usually get their first girlfriend by 16.

Pubescent love there starts in the classroom or at house parties, while in China middle school and high school students are often banned by parents and teachers from going on dates, worrying that it may affect their academic performance.

Observing his Chinese classmates, he believes that Chinese men are more considerate and spend more money on dates.

"They invite them out to dinners, and buy more gifts," said Angel. Zhao admitted she used to love receiving expensive gifts from Chinese men but now she more appreciates the wholehearted care offered by Westerners. They are too shy."Eka Valyavskaya (pseudonym) from Russia has the same opinion about Chinese men.

"Otherwise its as if he's waiting until I hang on his shoulders grateful for these beautiful gifts."As a Western woman growing up hearing fairy tales about knights in shining armor, Valyavskaya expects more initiative from a man.

"In Spain we start early, so we've already faced many situations and had more experience by the time a Chinese boy has his first girlfriend.

More experience means more empathy and maturity," Angel said.

In question posted on, the Chinese equivalent of Quora, asking about the advantages and disadvantages of dating a Chinese or a foreign man, a user going by name "flying bear over the cloud" explained that while foreign men tend to show all their alluring charms at first sight, Chinese men tend to save their charm until they have established the relationship.

The netizens added that she believes that the tenderness and passion of Western men can be understood as "romantic" but also as being "womanizers," since they know how to successfully utilize such methods when it comes to lure girls."It is easier for Western men to start flirting with women and therefore you must be prepared that you are not the only beneficiary of his charm," she wrote, adding that though Chinese men take more time getting to know women, once they've made up their mind, they tend to permanently settle down with her.

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